The word comitor is Latin and means to journey with or come alongside another.

My leadership journey includes serving as a youth and college pastor, founding a gap year program for young adults, and, most  recently, opening a CrossFit gym.

Along the road, I discovered coaching. Having a coach has led to multiple breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. Being a coach… well, honestly I feel like God has hardwired me to be a coach. I really believe that in most cases, people don't take care of ideas that don't belong to them. But transforming conversations create desire, awareness, clarity, and a path forward. It's incredible. That's why I founded Comitor. 

My top strength is "Learner", so I've accumulated some helpful degrees and certifications: 

  •  Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership (with MDiv equivalency).

  • Doctorate in Missional Leadership 

  • Graduate-level Certificate in Transformational Coaching from Western Seminary

  • Certification in High Performance Patterns

  • ACC certified member of the International Coach Federation with over 800 hours of documented coaching experience. 

I'm also a husband and a father of four. Among other hobbies I enjoy weightlifting, CrossFit, reading, and writing. I've authored a few books including One Year and The Stories We Live.  

If we don't know each other, I'd love connect. Normally the first coaching call is something called an "intake session" where I get to know your story and your goals for the coaching. It would be a pleasure to have that conversation if we decide to work together. 

Contact Info:

Email ::

Skype :: seanpost2

Cell :: 360.561.8170