The word comitor is Latin and means to journey with or come alongside another. 

It's a fitting word for my services. I'm not an expert on your life. But I don't have to be to come alongside and offer encouragement, observations, and ask powerful questions.  

I've done quite a few different things in life so far, but the uniting thread that runs through each pursuit is my passion for personal conversations. 

My background includes pastoral leadership, starting a non-profit college, opening a CrossFit gym and, of course, freelance coaching for over 800 hours.

My education includes a Doctorate in Missional Leadership and multiple coaching certifications and credentials. I've also learned an enormous amount through the five books I've authored (writing is part of how I discover and organize what I really think).      

More significant than any of those experiences are my day-to-day responsibilities and relationships as a husband and a father of four. I have non-negotiably architected my life to be present with them as much as possible and am committed to helping our family grow in the wisdom, courage, and love of Jesus. 

Among other hobbies I enjoy weightlifting, CrossFit, reading, and writing. I've authored a few books including The Stories We Live, Train for Love, and Map Your Life (don't leave the site without your free download!) 

If we don't know each other, I'd love connect. Normally the first coaching call is a free "intake session" where I get to know your story, goals for the coaching, and we can mutually evaluate the fit for working together.

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